Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bread and Butter

Here's another teaser for you! These are fabrics from Kaye England's "Bread and Butter" range, from Wilmington Prints (once again, the photo is not a good one - it makes the colours look a bit drab). I have a new design, all will be revealed soon - I'll be making up two quilts, one from each range.
I've nearly completed the "Pure" quilt - trying frantically to get it ready for Gail B - she will have kits available soon. The "Bread and Butter" quilt will take a few more weeks to get finished - both are going to look fab.
Meanwhile, back to the mess outside. Ernie loves power tools. He helped David on the weekend, checking his levels for the sleeper retaining wall. Wanted to use the saw but it was a bit beyond him!
The timber for the frame will be arriving next week. Can't wait!


BubzRugz said...

Lovely fabrics in the last two blogs - I have been eying out the 'Pure' range myself.......
Ernie is going to make a great tradie one day....

Cathy said...

Ernie doesn't look old enough to play with power tools. Tell him to be careful~ Wow...that new room addition looks huge~