Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Sunny Day

This is part of a new design which will be available exclusively from Grandmother's Garden in New Zealand, later this year. It will be a six month block of the month, and if you are at all interested, sign up for their newsletter for regular updates.
I have had a lot of fun designing this one - it is in memory of my lovely Grandma, and the happy times we spent together. Keep an eye on the Grandmother's Garden website. I will also keep you informed.
Workroom update:
Our backyard has gone from this .......
...... to this .......
We had a lovely, sunny day yesterday - perfect for the guys to work on the footings for our workroom slab! However...... today it rained ...... of course! Puddles, puddles and more puddles!
Hopefully all will go well for the rest of the week and on Friday the slab will be poured.
We'll have to have a slab party! Everyone bring a slab..... (chocolate, beer ....?)

Now - a piece of advice to all those ladies out there who are around my age. Get your husbands to have their prostates checked. Regularly. Himself has had a prostate operation and we are lucky - no cancer. However, it has been four weeks since the operation and he is still struggling. It will be a slow recovery for him and as you can imagine, he is wanting to do all the things he should NOT be doing YET! It has been a very difficult time for him.
On top of that, I had sinus surgery. A sinus drain and the removal of "bits" of bone and "stuff" to open up the drainage passages. Headaches for a couple of weeks and lots of unmentionable goop dripping out of my nostrils. What fun! But now I can actually breathe through my nose again! I'm hoping my sense of smell will return, but the doctor told me not to be too hopeful as I've been without it for so long.
So we had a couple of weeks feeling sorry for each other! And watching drivel on TV.
So now we are concentrating on recovering and relaxing, but that will not stop me from designing! I have a few ideas that need to be put on paper!

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Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Tardis, K-9, AND the Dalek.....wonderfully done. But then your designs and handiwork are always gorgeous. Really do love the nods to Dr. Who.