Friday, August 20, 2010

Mystery Quilt Day No. 3 and Triplets

Another mystery quilt day tomorrow - love them! But once again I was in too much of a rush trying to choose fabrics. I had some in my stash that I wanted to use to save a few dollars - and I've added a few that I had to buy - isn't it always the way? The stripey one was a disappointment - the whole piece was warped and I had to cut lots off the edge to get the stripes straight. So let that be a lesson to me - inspect fabric thoroughly first, then make sure there is a bit extra to play with! I wanted to use it but I don't think I'll have enough now.Now for some news! It's triplets!!!!! Yes, Rebecca (Patchwork with Gail B) and Gwyllum are the very proud parents of three gorgeous baby girls - Jahzara, Nayeli and Tahira. And they have a very excited big sister, Myra! If you go to Gail's website, Patchwork with Gail B, there are some lovely photos on their home page.
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TiramiSue said...

I don't believe these are the same ones I saw yesterday - did you go and buy more???? Sue