Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Mystery Quilt Photos

Photos from our Mystery Quilt Day - the disappearing nine patch, then a brief outline of our past couple of months!
That's my "kiddy" quilt on the floor.
Here is Sue (who is the mastermind behind all our mystery quilt days),while we were all working away, taking the time to put together a few blocks that she had cut from the one fabric. If you go to her blog, you will be able to read more about our day.
Here are some more of the ladies' efforts - all looking fantastic!
What's that on the table below! It would make for creative sewing!
I'm a bit concerned about Susanne (below). She seems to have forgotten that she already has a drink!
Dot looking bemused - trying to work out her block arrangement.
Jan working on her borders.
We all loved this combination of black, white, green and orange!
A scrappy look.
Brilliant black, white and yellow, and a striking border.
And gorgeous, soft browns.
It is simply amazing how the same design but in different colours can make a quilt look so completely individual!
Now. Our "unusual" past few months!
1. David ill for four weeks, then had prostate surgery. Off work until this week.
2. I had sinus surgery a week later.
3. Rachael (seven months pregnant) had a car accident (not her fault, not injured, baby fine), car needed to be repaired. Inconvenience.
4. I had a cracked tooth repaired.
5. Mark and Rachael flew to Sydney for a short holiday. Both taken ill with severe gastro. David and I had to drive to Sydney to bring them home as they were in no condition to fly. It took us over 11 hours - stops for the "gentleman recovering from prostate surgery" and the pregnant lady, for reasons we all know.
6. I had to go back to the dentist to have my tooth repaired again.
7. Both of us exhausted!
But compared with what is happening in Pakistan, our problems are miniscule!
Bye for now!

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