Monday, August 30, 2010

Ernie Dingle Stowaway

You have heard all about our "angels of mercy" dash to Sydney to collect Mark and Rachael when they were ill, but you didn't hear about our little stowaway! Yes - you guessed it! The photo above looks suspiciously like a small furry teddy bear - Ernie Dingle couldn't help himself! When he heard that we were off on a trip, he hid behind the suitcases and we didn't discover his presence until we reached Gundagai! He loves travelling, especially to Sydney!
On our way home, he was very excited when we stopped at Holbrook because there is a submarine in the park! H.M.A.S. Otway is a "must see" if you are passing through. It's huge!
And you can climb up onto it. Can you see Ernie?
Another "great excitement" in the life of a small, furry friend!

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