Friday, July 2, 2010

To Infinity, and Beyond

What we do for our grandchildren! In an issue of Australian Homespun (Vol. 9 No. 12) I found a lovely "Spacewalk" quilt. I have begun making it for Sean. Susanne is planning a space theme for his bedroom and asked if I could make it for him - well, naturally I jumped at the chance! Here's me thinking I have plenty of blues in varying tones and values that would suit the sky beautifully ..... you guessed it ..... had to go shopping (of course!) because what I had was "Not Quite Right".
So. Here we have the background, with wavy seams. And next I added the rocket, with a teddy (of course) peering out!
Off now to select suitable "planet" fabrics from my stash ...... or maybe go shopping?
P.S. Thank you, Claire Gee from Matching Pegs, for the great design!


elliesue said...

Love you quilt, you have inspired me to make one for my Grandson as his Mum and other Grandma have a Space rocket theme going for him also. Don't worry I won't pinch yours. Congratulations.

SandyN said...


How cute... you grandson will just LOVE it.

Sandy N