Monday, July 12, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond with Stars

I have added stars. Not stitched down yet. I'm thinking of using gold thread to do this, but also to add a bit of sparkle to Saturn's rings. I have an astronaut cut out ready to go on - doing a spacewalk - but I want to get the stars sewn down first.
Too much to do!
Sean's space quilt for his birthday in August.
A stitchery nearly completed - just have to write up the pattern.
A quilt for Grandmother's Garden in New Zealand - it will be an exclusive pattern with them.
A quilt & pattern for the AQM in November - it's still a secret!
Another quilt & pattern for the AQM in November - it's a secret as well!
A quilt for Mark & Rach's baby - due in November.
A workroom to build, paint, carpet, furnish and move into.
But who's complaining?
Not me!

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BubzRugz said...

I like to be kept busy too....... It has just dawned on me that you are the designer of two of my patterns!! I have the Easter basket and the Christmas one!!! I love them......... Hugz