Wednesday, July 7, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond Part 2

Sean's space quilt, "To Infinity and Beyond!" is taking shape. I have used fossil fern fabrics - the lovely mottled look is perfect for the planets! I haven't sewn them on yet - I'm just playing around with it at the moment.
I have to fit in a little astronaut doing a "space walk" somewhere! I think it should be a mini Sean, don't you?
And maybe there should be a little green man somewhere?
And lots of stars.
And a comet?
And a UFO?
Once again, thank you to Claire Gee of Matching Pegs for her wonderful project in Australian Homespun, issue 67. There's also a great library bag, "It's an Adventure", by Rachel Measham-Pywell, which would suit the space theme to a tee! A huge thanks to Rachel as well!

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SandyN said...


How cute... I love the fabric you use for the moon....

I agree with a mini Sean, and a little green man...

Sandy N