Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ernie Dingle, Excavator

Honestly, it's like having a three-year-old in the house! Waking up at the crack of dawn, running from window to window waiting for the excavator to arrive. And when the machine fires up, he's beside himself with excitement! Could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the earth being tipped into the truck! It was all too much! He had to get out there and offer his assistance, much to the consternation of the operator of said machinery.
We have a very unusual tradesman doing the excavation.
He said he would be here between 7.30 and 8am on Friday. He was.
He said he'd be back at 9am on Saturday. He was.
Reckons he'll finish the cut on Monday, then spend another day doing the footings. Ahead of schedule.
AND he's going to drill the holes for the retaining wall uprights.
AND when the slab is poured he's going to put said posts in.
AND he's under budget.
What a man!
Ernie - get out of that bucket!!!!


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