Thursday, July 29, 2010

At the Bottom of the Garden

I just love receiving photos from happy patchworkers who have made my quilts! Here is one from Joy in Queensland - "At the Bottom of the Garden" - gorgeous! She is now starting Teddy Bear Tea Party - I can't wait to see it completed!
The photo below is all the way from Lara, who lives in Springfield, USA. The colours are stunning. We met at The Patchwork Tea House earlier this year and hopefully we will meet again this Summer when Lara visits Australia once more!
This design is on my website - with lots more to tempt the teddy bear lover!
Speaking of teddy bears - Ernie Dingle is becoming impatient! He was so excited when the excavator was here, but the weather has held us up and he's most disgruntled! Wears his hard hat all the time. And he was seen to be enjoying a beer, even though he hadn't done any work to deserve it!
David and I have been out of action for a few weeks - we have both had surgery which involved hospital stays (it was unfortunate that it happened at the same time, but we are both o.k.), so now we are taking it easy for a couple of weeks and are looking forward to getting fit and active again!
Must go - I'm suffering from "the dithers", or post-op brain drain!


BubzRugz said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend..... and hope Ernie is in a better mood after his beer.... Hugz Fiona

Joy said...

How cute does Ernie look in his hard hat lol .... but I wouldn't leave him there for too long with that beer, he looks waaaay too comfortable he he he.
Hope you recover quickly from your surgery Liz!!
Joy :o)