Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On our Way Home

These are two of my new stitcheries that were launched at the QCE - they have proven to be very popular - I was once told that teddy bears were dreadfully out of fashion - AS IF!!!!!!! (I don't think that person knew what she was talking about - no sense of humour!)
We left Sydney very early on the Monday morning, the day after the show - it was a public holiday and we wanted to miss the traffic. Ernie was beside himself - lots of trucks on the road, and all those lights! He was shivering with excitement!
But as the sun began to rise - he began to droop - just too much for a little bear. It's so true what the truckies say - when the sun comes up, the eyelids go down.
We stopped for the night at Holbrook, in a cabin at a caravan park.
Ernie loves my PJs!
Tuesday morning saw us once again on the road. Petrol and coffee stop! Hot chocolate for Ernie. He was bopping along to the music of Sergio Mendes, one of my favourite bands of the 60's. (We're living in a time warp - what can I say? Earlier we were listening to The Goon Show!)
Nearly at the turn-off to Bonnie Doon!
Here we are at Bonnie Doon - we used to water ski under the bridge, but with the drought, it would appear to be a trifle difficult, as Ernie noted, and you can see!
Hmmmm .... no water, no fish, no boats .... but bushes, trees, grasses and kangaroos!
Not far from home now - the bush is beginning to recover at Kinglake after the disastrous fires last year.
Only ten minutes from home!
Only five minutes from home!
Only two minutes from home! Ernie knows where we are - see the power pole to the right of the centre of the photo? If you look straight up from the top of the pole to the top of the hill, that's sort of where we are heading!
It's good to be home!


SandyN said...

I think that All of your designs are so cute. Teddies are not out of fashion at ALL!! You are a great designer....

I just love Ernie, he is also very cute!! I have a bear called Oscar...it could be Ernie's big brother...

Sandy N

Joy said...

How good to see the bush at Kinglake coming back to life after those awful fires. It's all looking lovely and green where you are :o).
Teddies out of fashion??? I don't think so!!!!!
Yours, as always, are adorable :o).
Joy :o0

BubzRugz said...

Love the new stitcheries..... long live teddies! The picture story is so great - had me giggling - when are you putting out your story books?

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Liz! Teddy bears out of fashion ... NEVER!! Only the most discerning people realise that one can never have too many teddies in their life!! Of course ... I may be just a LITTLE biased! :0) And what wonderful adventures your furry little friend Ernie has been having - I bet he's enjoying being home for a while to rest and eat honey, though! Bear Hugs! KRIS