Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oriental Fabrics

These are the Japanese fabrics I bought from Megumi (Kimono Girls) at the QCE. I'm thinking of making a couple of bags using these and other bits and pieces that I have here. Every time I see Megumi I buy more fabric from her! She has a business at Bright here in Victoria - she also sells buttons that have been made out of the fabric she stocks. They are gorgeous.
Ernie Dingle likes this fabric the best!
Here he is with Lisa from Chandlers Cottage. She has some stunning designs made up in oriental fabrics as well - Ernie was quite taken with them.
After a very busy day, Ernie was quite happy to watch one of his favourite TV shows - yes, you guessed it! Midsomer Murders. A very clever little bear is our Ernie, usually picking who the murderer is before the end of the show!

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SandyQuilts said...

I loce loce Midsomer Murders .... tell me what station can I find it playing.