Monday, June 28, 2010

QuiltAid Block

This is my QuiltAid block - part of The Greatest Gift. You really must have a look at the QuiltAid site to see what the other designers have produced! Stunning! And the quilt that each participating shop has produced - all different, but all beautiful!
I am avoiding the iron today - I had a mountain of new fabric that I had washed and it has been lurking on a chair in the lounge waiting for an iron - I swear I could hear it muttering! So now I'm halfway through, and I really have lost the will!
Here's a shot of Ernie with Natalie Ross of In Stitches - at the QCE. He has a new little friend, Red, Red Rudie from Natalie's new book, Get Red, Red, Ready for Christmas. We had trouble separating these two little buddies!
Oh well, back to the ironing!


Mama Pea said...

Your block is beautiful. I love all the embroidery and applique on it. Impressive! Did you do that all by hand?

Natalie Ross said...

Hi Liz! As always is was simply the best to see you again and David of course. Ahhhhh my kids! LOL... It looks like Ernie has been behaving himself but having a great time, I wondered where Rudy Red had gone. Now I know. Gee this guy gets around. Has to be the lancer!! :-) Can't wait to catch up again at AQM. You kiddies take care now and by the way...I can talk again. YAY!

Love Nat x