Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frantic Frolics

Oh dear ........ I'm thinking of too many things at once! It's the QCE (trade show) next week, and I'm frantic! So much to do and so little time - is this the life of a designer, I ask myself? It's not all coffee, sunshine and sewing. There is much to do - patterns to proof read, patterns to make up, photocopying to be done, pattern lists to update, newsletters to write, signs to be made for the show, quilts for display to be chosen, new designs to go on the website, fabric swatches to be "created" to hang with quilts, pricing to be done, catalogues to be collated ...........
Anyway, I have put the photo of "Bearly Angels" at the beginning of this post, to show off one of the new designs that will be on display at the show. I made it with Maywood Studio "Wild Rose" fabrics - it is such a lovely range. They are very versatile little angels - take away their halos and add magic wands, and ...... we have fairies!
I'll post more of the new designs soon. Hopefully they will be on the Teddlywinks website in a day or two.


TiramiSue said...

Looking forward to seeing this one. Another beautiful piece.

Wendy said...

Just gorgeous, when can I order it??