Friday, June 18, 2010

The Continuing Adventures of Ernie Dingle

Ernie was so excited, he met lots of well known designers at the QCE (mortified because he forgot his autograph book, but then, he has always been sooooo disorganised!!! Also forgot to pack his toothbrush - didn't he!). Here he is with the lovely Lynette Anderson - she was showing him her latest quilt - "Scandinavian Christmas".
Bill from Westalee Designs gave Ernie a tutorial on how to use one of their wonderful adjustable rulers - Ernie was hooked because he just loves gadgets!
Surrounded by the ladies! He was all overcome, when Helen and Sue gave him a lesson on rotary cutting (mind you, ever since, he has been leaving a paper trail of scraps all over the house from practicing his new-found skill. I just wish he wouldn't use paper - it dulls the blade. But then perhaps I shouldn't give him free range in my stash!!!)
More adventures to come!

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