Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've invented a new drink. Cappuspresso. At least that's what the mitred corners of my pinwheel quilt say! Spell check doesn't know what to make of that one!
I sat here this afternoon finishing the mystery quilt top that I made a couple of weeks ago, after working outside with David (in the rain) moving the last of the pavers, some rocks and plants - ready for the workroom extension to begin.
Now. I wonder. How do you make a cappuspresso .........?


The little book of Nessie said...

Looks lovely Liz! Great way to use those fabrics. Looking forward to the new Doc Martin episodes starting next Saturday. Regards, Nessie

Joy said...

The way I see it ... if it's coffee, then it's gotta be good :o).
I'll have a Cappu-spresso to go thanks lol!!
Joy :o)

TiramiSue said...

Make mine, low fat, double espresso, sugar, double foam, and a dash of cream and a sprinkling of good quality chocolate shavings!! Ooooh and don't forget the chocolate on the side. This quilt is just fantastic as usual. Glad you didn't make it smaller.

vernie said...

I,ve made cappuspresso but you make it look far simpler, I did mine in separate blocks. Will definitely do it your way in future
I made mine in 2 colours Dark Blue/Green

Cheers Vernie uk