Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Adventures of Ernie Dingle Part 2

Ernie almost threw a tantrum in Woolworths! He just loves bananas, and when we went shopping in Sydney for some supplies, he wouldn't move from the fruit and vegies until he had his way!
The next day, at the QCE, he was very excited to meet Melea from Charles Parsons, and Rosalie Quinlan. It took quite a while for him to come back down to earth!
Here he is with Di, from Lloyd Curzon Textiles having a browse of some fabric brochures. His favourite was the new range of Tea Time Florals from Lakehouse. I must say, I can feel a design coming on!!!! The gentleman watching is Gordon Heathcote, who is the organiser of the Melbourne AQM, held later in the year.
He was a very tired little bear that night - here he is, sitting on the windowsill, gazing at the lights of Parramatta from our hotel room.
More soon!


Wendy said...

Whata busy little bear - no wonder he is so tired! I have really enjoyed reading about his adventures!

Heather said...

I have been lurking around your web site for a few months now and I just wanted to say I really enjoy your posts... I loved seeing "little bear's" journey... so fun! Thank you for supporting bears... as an avid supporter of all wildlife and animals in general myself, I can appreciate your passion an am always pleased to "meet" other supporters! I recently designed my first bear mini quilt and can't wait to do more...