Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On our Way Home

These are two of my new stitcheries that were launched at the QCE - they have proven to be very popular - I was once told that teddy bears were dreadfully out of fashion - AS IF!!!!!!! (I don't think that person knew what she was talking about - no sense of humour!)
We left Sydney very early on the Monday morning, the day after the show - it was a public holiday and we wanted to miss the traffic. Ernie was beside himself - lots of trucks on the road, and all those lights! He was shivering with excitement!
But as the sun began to rise - he began to droop - just too much for a little bear. It's so true what the truckies say - when the sun comes up, the eyelids go down.
We stopped for the night at Holbrook, in a cabin at a caravan park.
Ernie loves my PJs!
Tuesday morning saw us once again on the road. Petrol and coffee stop! Hot chocolate for Ernie. He was bopping along to the music of Sergio Mendes, one of my favourite bands of the 60's. (We're living in a time warp - what can I say? Earlier we were listening to The Goon Show!)
Nearly at the turn-off to Bonnie Doon!
Here we are at Bonnie Doon - we used to water ski under the bridge, but with the drought, it would appear to be a trifle difficult, as Ernie noted, and you can see!
Hmmmm .... no water, no fish, no boats .... but bushes, trees, grasses and kangaroos!
Not far from home now - the bush is beginning to recover at Kinglake after the disastrous fires last year.
Only ten minutes from home!
Only five minutes from home!
Only two minutes from home! Ernie knows where we are - see the power pole to the right of the centre of the photo? If you look straight up from the top of the pole to the top of the hill, that's sort of where we are heading!
It's good to be home!

Monday, June 28, 2010

QuiltAid Block

This is my QuiltAid block - part of The Greatest Gift. You really must have a look at the QuiltAid site to see what the other designers have produced! Stunning! And the quilt that each participating shop has produced - all different, but all beautiful!
I am avoiding the iron today - I had a mountain of new fabric that I had washed and it has been lurking on a chair in the lounge waiting for an iron - I swear I could hear it muttering! So now I'm halfway through, and I really have lost the will!
Here's a shot of Ernie with Natalie Ross of In Stitches - at the QCE. He has a new little friend, Red, Red Rudie from Natalie's new book, Get Red, Red, Ready for Christmas. We had trouble separating these two little buddies!
Oh well, back to the ironing!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oriental Fabrics

These are the Japanese fabrics I bought from Megumi (Kimono Girls) at the QCE. I'm thinking of making a couple of bags using these and other bits and pieces that I have here. Every time I see Megumi I buy more fabric from her! She has a business at Bright here in Victoria - she also sells buttons that have been made out of the fabric she stocks. They are gorgeous.
Ernie Dingle likes this fabric the best!
Here he is with Lisa from Chandlers Cottage. She has some stunning designs made up in oriental fabrics as well - Ernie was quite taken with them.
After a very busy day, Ernie was quite happy to watch one of his favourite TV shows - yes, you guessed it! Midsomer Murders. A very clever little bear is our Ernie, usually picking who the murderer is before the end of the show!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ernie Dingle and Catwoman

Here's Ernie, sitting on the windowsill in our hotel, watching David putting some things in our car. I think Ernie was afraid that we might not take him with us - he didn't want to be left in the hotel on his own.
Do you remember this time last year, I wrote about Catwoman in Sydney? Well, here she is again! We went for a walk from our hotel one evening, and couldn't believe the number of cats! Cats on verandahs, cats on fences, cats in driveways, cats on window ledges! Then the penny dropped! The photo below explains it all - the little old lady once again feeding all the neighbourhood feline population!
Ernie loves Nikki Tervo - she makes the most "magic" buttons. Have a look at her website. You'll be impressed!Bye for now!
P.S. Next time I will show you some fabric that I bought from Kimono Girl.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Adventures of Ernie Dingle Part 2

Ernie almost threw a tantrum in Woolworths! He just loves bananas, and when we went shopping in Sydney for some supplies, he wouldn't move from the fruit and vegies until he had his way!
The next day, at the QCE, he was very excited to meet Melea from Charles Parsons, and Rosalie Quinlan. It took quite a while for him to come back down to earth!
Here he is with Di, from Lloyd Curzon Textiles having a browse of some fabric brochures. His favourite was the new range of Tea Time Florals from Lakehouse. I must say, I can feel a design coming on!!!! The gentleman watching is Gordon Heathcote, who is the organiser of the Melbourne AQM, held later in the year.
He was a very tired little bear that night - here he is, sitting on the windowsill, gazing at the lights of Parramatta from our hotel room.
More soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Green Farm Village at Quilt Street

Isn't this a truly scrumptious colour combination? Carolyn has chosen Moda Garden Party fabrics for Green Farm Village, for her Quilt Street Block of the Month program.
In this month's issue of Down Under Quilts there is a full page ad giving you all the details, and you can also visit Quilt Street on-line for a lovely browse!
Have fun!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Continuing Adventures of Ernie Dingle

Ernie was so excited, he met lots of well known designers at the QCE (mortified because he forgot his autograph book, but then, he has always been sooooo disorganised!!! Also forgot to pack his toothbrush - didn't he!). Here he is with the lovely Lynette Anderson - she was showing him her latest quilt - "Scandinavian Christmas".
Bill from Westalee Designs gave Ernie a tutorial on how to use one of their wonderful adjustable rulers - Ernie was hooked because he just loves gadgets!
Surrounded by the ladies! He was all overcome, when Helen and Sue gave him a lesson on rotary cutting (mind you, ever since, he has been leaving a paper trail of scraps all over the house from practicing his new-found skill. I just wish he wouldn't use paper - it dulls the blade. But then perhaps I shouldn't give him free range in my stash!!!)
More adventures to come!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Adventures of Ernie Dingle

Let me introduce Ernie Dingle.
Ernie was born in China and grew up in Ireland, in the little harbour town of Dingle, on the Dingle Peninsular. He then emigrated to Australia to live with us, in 2003.
So Ernie is a much travelled little fellow!
On the weekend we drove to Sydney for the Q.C.E. Ernie came with us. Here he is sitting outside our motel room at Gundagai, and also in the car - it was a dewy morning as you can see by the drops on the window!
We finally reached our destination at Rosehill Racecourse - the show was held in the Grand Pavilion. After David and I set up our display, Ernie took up his prime position in the teddy bag, on the left hand wall, where he could keep an eye on proceedings!
This is what our stand looked like when we had finished setting up. Pity about the horrible grey chairs - maybe next time I'll take some pretty covers. And I think a new tablecloth?
Anyway, the aim of the show is to sell our wares to all the patchwork and quilting shops, and although it was a bit quiet we managed to pick up quite a few orders, and some new contacts, and gave out lots of catalogues.
More of Ernie's adventures coming soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If you are going to the show at Darling Harbour, Sydney, you will see the official launch of this year's QuiltAid block of the month - the quilts are gorgeous! The colours are soft and very pretty (although this makes it difficult when photographing the blocks), but the resulting quilts are stunning!
Go to the QuiltAid website for further details.
"The Adventures of Ernie Dingle" coming soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I've invented a new drink. Cappuspresso. At least that's what the mitred corners of my pinwheel quilt say! Spell check doesn't know what to make of that one!
I sat here this afternoon finishing the mystery quilt top that I made a couple of weeks ago, after working outside with David (in the rain) moving the last of the pavers, some rocks and plants - ready for the workroom extension to begin.
Now. I wonder. How do you make a cappuspresso .........?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

QuiltAid 2010

Have you heard of QuiltAid? It's a Block of the Month program that was set up to raise funds for the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Once again, I'm excited to be taking part!
"The Greatest Gift" (a tiny sample above) is a gorgeous quilt of 12 blocks, each block designed by an Australian designer, using the Robyn Pandolph "Beach House" fabrics. The patterns and fabrics will be available from twelve on-line shops – each shop will have one block. Each shop will also design a different way of completing the quilt, so once you have finished all twelve blocks, you can choose from twelve different ways of completing your quilt. It is a wonderful way of creating something beautiful, at the same time helping the women in the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital.
You can find further details on the QuiltAid website.
Tummy's rumbling - must be breakfast time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Frantic Frolics

Oh dear ........ I'm thinking of too many things at once! It's the QCE (trade show) next week, and I'm frantic! So much to do and so little time - is this the life of a designer, I ask myself? It's not all coffee, sunshine and sewing. There is much to do - patterns to proof read, patterns to make up, photocopying to be done, pattern lists to update, newsletters to write, signs to be made for the show, quilts for display to be chosen, new designs to go on the website, fabric swatches to be "created" to hang with quilts, pricing to be done, catalogues to be collated ...........
Anyway, I have put the photo of "Bearly Angels" at the beginning of this post, to show off one of the new designs that will be on display at the show. I made it with Maywood Studio "Wild Rose" fabrics - it is such a lovely range. They are very versatile little angels - take away their halos and add magic wands, and ...... we have fairies!
I'll post more of the new designs soon. Hopefully they will be on the Teddlywinks website in a day or two.