Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quilts with Stitcheries

"Green Farm Village"
Tuesday night - I was going to iron transfers and pack patterns tonight ...... but I've fallen in a heap! Had my tea, coffee calling, and a couple of good TV shows to watch. Hand stitching by my chair. Bliss!
As I was about to toddle off to my comfy recliner, I had a thought that I've been thinking for a while now. I met an American lady the other day, who commented that she likes the combination of embroidery and piecing, but she said that patterns for quilts made like this are difficult to find in the USA.
I have had many a customer ask me where they can buy my patterns in America - at this stage, no shops in USA are stocking Teddlywinks patterns, but until someone does, you can buy them on-line at Teddlywinks.
Wednesday morning - I had a lovely surprise in the mail this morning - yes - our building permit!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! And after all the horror stories we have heard about the difficulties encountered by others applying for permits, ours was relatively painless!
This is the "beach" outside our kitchen door - I'll be rather sorry to see it go because I've become quite fond of the sand being tracked through the house (I DON'T think!), makes me feel like I'm on holiday all the time.
So construction of my workroom will shortly commence - I'll keep you updated with photos.
I'm sooooooo excited!

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Joy said...

Ooooh, how exciting!!! I know I'm going to enjoy watching the progress ... probably a lot more than you will *living* it!!! :o)
Joy :o)