Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mothers' Day at Melbourne Zoo

I woke up this morning to find a beautiful king parrot feasting on the pomegranates growing outside our bedroom window. Its mate was there as well, but it was hiding in the tree and I couldn't get a clear photo of them together.
By the way - Happy Mothers' Day to all mums!
I know it was a week ago, but doesn't time fly! I just have to show off my beautiful lilies - a gift from Mark & Rach. They have lasted all week, and look like they will still blooming in another week's time! There were six lovely dark red roses in the bunch as well, but they were beginning to droop!
I was taken to the Melbourne Zoo on Mothers Day - a very excited Mum was I, because we got to see Mali, our gorgeous new baby elephant! What a treat!
And one of the other elephants is expecting - we could actually see the baby moving around in her tummy - see the photo below.
Sean had a wonderful day - here he is cuddling his new lion - also his favourite animal of the moment!
Thank you Mark, Rach, Paul, Susanne and Sean for making my Mothers' Day weekend so special!

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Joy said...

Gawjus flowers Liz ... and what fun to see Mali at the zoo. Goodness, I haven't been to the zoo for years .... it must be time ;o)!! Might have to pick one closer to home though ;o).
Joy :o)