Sunday, May 23, 2010

Magical Mystery Quilt

It's 9 am. The washing is on the line, the dishes have been done, bed made, all is well in my world!
I should be doing the post office, bank and supermarket run, but can't be bothered!
Saturday was once again, fantastic. Sue's mystery quilt was a stunner! She has talked about it on her blog, and we have already heard from Kathi in the USA inquiring about the technique!
Here are Jo, Vrenda and Sue. Such a good girl is our Jo - head down and busy as a little beaver! The other two are the Mrs Have-a-Chat pair!

Helen and Frances pretending to be busy. See the balcony outside the window? There is a beautiful view from here across the valley.
My very uninteresting work station. The ott-light is placed in this very awkward position because the light bulb in my machine is fused in, doesn't work, and I just haven't got around to getting it repaired yet. I had fun feeding fabric past it!
Note the most important patchwork accessory - mug of coffee! Although I have heard from some that a glass of wine is up there with the coffee - I would think it would make for very creative patchwork!
First we had to lay out our 5" squares, 11 across by 13 deep. Then they were stitched into rows. Then the rows were sewn together.
Jan, Sue, Vicki and Carol during a quiet spell. But this was a rare occurence!
When we had sewn all our squares together, the devious Sue told us to draw little squares, on the diagonal, all over it, then cut them all out! Lots of muttering to be heard (for instance, "I like mine just like this. I'm taking my quilt and going home now"). But Vicki was the first brave woman to begin cutting (although she did have the shakes for a while!).
This is the little template - very technical - cut from a shirt box lid - the lines sit over the corner seams of the squares, with the arrow facing in the same direction for all pieces.
This is mine at the cutting out stage.
Then the pieces were turned to square up with each other, and stitched into rows.
Then the rows were stitched together. See the pinwheels?
Here are Frances, Carol, Jan, Dot and Vicki enjoying lunch.
I can't work out why there are not more men quilting. It's a past-time that would appeal to the masculine of the species, if they were brave enough to put up with the taunts from their friends. There would be a lot of men out there who would have gained a great deal out of a day like Saturday.
However, as we all know, men are competitive. They would be trying to out-do each other. Women have circular, more co-operative friendships - we feed off each other.
Then ..... perhaps we should keep our quilting groups a secret from the men!
Bear hugs!
P.S. Him Indoors achieved much greatness on Saturday while I was out. Shed gutters cleaned, carport swept, grass mown, phones cleaned, bird baths washed out, deck swept, etc ............. perhaps it is better to keep quiet about our quilting!

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Kerry said...

Wow! How clever! I love the new look. And yes, I think our patchwork groups should be kept just for us. Otherwise we would have no private escape with our friends.