Monday, April 26, 2010

Teeny Tiny Quilt

I made a teeny tiny quilt! This is how...... (If my measurements are wrong, please forgive me - it's the sort of thing that's fun to do, and you can play with your fabric and adjust the size to suit yourself. If you make a mistake (and I made quite a few!), there's no huge loss of expensive fabric!)
Cut two pieces of fabric, each 2" X 1", then sew them together along the long edge.
Cross cut them into two pieces and press open.
Sew them together - seams matching and colours alternating.
Press open. This is the wrong side ......Cut two more pieces, each 2" X 1 1/2", and sew one of them right sides facing, one eighth of an inch from the centre seam of the four patch. It's easier to do this from the wrong side where you can see the centre seam. Press open. Trim your edges.
Repeat this with the other 2" X 1 1/2" square. (Sorry - haven't got a photo with the two pieces attached!)
Now cut two more 2" squares, in a different colour. Repeat the above instructions and you should have something that looks like this......
......and then this...... (I kept trimming the edges - you can trim to the size you prefer)
Cut a piece of backing fabric to size and fuse to the quilt with a tiny piece of vliesofix.
Cut a binding strip the length required and press a fold along one edge.
Sew the binding to the little quilt, making teeny tiny mitred corners as you go. No - it hasn't changed colour - this photo shows another little block I made with stripey fabric.
Voila! Here are two finished quilts. The perfect size for one of your teddy bears!
Now - an Ohio Star? A Bear Paw? Hmmmm...........
Time for a cup of tea!

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