Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Favourite Pen

My very favourite pen for tracing stitchery designs - a brown Zig Millennium marker - acid free, permanent, with a fine tip. Easy to use, no problems with nasty colour runs and the fine tip means that your stitches cover all the lines. (Except the stem of the leaf right down in the bottom left-hand corner - can you see it? Wonky stitching! I must have had a glass of "Chateau Cardboard" that night!!!)
I really don't like using a washable pen - the tip is too thick, it can't be ironed, and if it is not washed out completely before pressing, it can stain - and then all your lovely work would be spoilt!
Bye for now,

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Joy said...

They're the best aren't they??!!!
Joy :o)
PS ... no one would have noticed the wonky stitching if you hadn't mentioned it LOL.