Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Very Fishy Mystery Quilt

When choosing fabrics for the mystery quilt, Tiramisue said, "Think aquatic." And yes - it's a fish quilt! And I love it! Here it is in the "put it all over the floor" stage, for arranging the pieces. (We spent a lot of time on the floor - needless to say the leg muscles had a bit of a workout and were a trifle stiff the next day!
Here is a very wrinkled photo of the quilt with the border attached. I used the same background fabric.I'm going to applique some seaweed along the bottom edge, and some little fish over the sashing and border. I'll quilt it with variegated thread in a suitable "watery" colour combination, and machine stitch bubbles (just the thing to hide some dodgy bits!!!!).
Here are some more shots of the girls at "work" (read "play) - it was a great day. The classroom was cool (34 degrees C. outside!), light and airy, and we each had a whole table to work on! You can see the original quilt on the wall - above. Sue hasn't finished it yet, but I'll photograph it for you to see when completed.
See the plate of sweeties on the right hand side of the above photo? Musk sticks, snakes, raspberries, cherry ripes, Freddo Frogs ...... we had to keep moving it around because it was too tempting if you were sitting too close to it!
Much chatting took place - we talked politics, children, weather, illegal drugs (talked, not did!), sport, exercise, diet, food, current affairs, and, of course, sewing and quilting. And last but not least ......... gossip!
Every now and then someone was heard to mutter, "Only five hours to go...." The chatting would cease and there would be a frenzy of activity and the sound of multiple sewing machine motors!
That's Sue ("Tiramisue") in the middle of the above photo.
I took my trusty Bernina - it is a very good little straight sewer. It copes with all thicknesses and multiple layers and is the one I use all the time. It is quite a few years old and belonged to my aunt who was a seamstress. There it is in the photo below, accompanied by my coffee mug! It was dwarfed by some of the sewing machines there - I was quite taken with the versality of some of those machines - hmmmmmm ........ do I need to look at a new one!!??
There was a never-ending supply of food: choc-chip biscuits, lollies, Freddo Frogs, fruit, cherry ripes, assorted sandwiches, chocolate mousse cheesecake, strawberry mousse cheesecake, soft drinks, wine, biscuits and cheese, chicken and chips, nuts .......... next time I'll go easy the day before so that I have room for it all!
The nectarines were delicious!
I was told that the wine was very nice .......
Some of the nearly finished quilt tops. Just add borders! Don't they look stunning! Once again, it goes to show what a difference the individual colour choices make to the completed quilt.The girls were playing "Foo was here"!!!I've already committed myself to the next Mystery Quilt day - it was lovely to sit and sew (and gossip) without having to think - just having someone else tell me what to do was a luxury!


Joy said...

What a fun quilt!!! And it's great to see all the different colourways too. Looks like you had a terrific time :o).
Joy :o)

Joy said...

.......... oh, and the green looks super ;o)!!!
Joy :o)

TiramiSue said...

My feet hurt!!

Teddlywinks said...

It's no wonder your feet hurt Sue! On them for twelve hours!
Hello Joy - yes, the green worked better than the yellow, and maybe the background could have been a bit darker, but what the heck! They're Gelati Fish!!!