Friday, February 26, 2010

Gelati Fish and Triplets for Rebecca

I've added a bit more to the "gelati fish" - so named because of the colours! Bubbles and little fish darting through seaweed.
This is how I made the seaweed.
1. Draw the seaweed shape in the paper side of the vliesofix, and cut it out along the drawn line. Iron the vliesofix shape to the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out the seaweed about a quarter of an inch from the vliesofix.
2. Finger press the edge of the fabric over the vliesofix, then carefully iron it. Allow to cool.
3. Peel away the paper.
4. Turn the seaweed right side up, place on an applique mat or baking paper and carefully iron the edges so that the quarter inch overlap adheres to the back of the seaweed. Allow to cool then peel off the mat.
5. You should now have a lovely shaped piece of seaweed that you can fuse to your quilt, then applique by your preferred method. I used a double needle in my trusty Bernina to create a decorative effect.
Now I must give you the news about Rebecca, from Patchwork with Gail B.
Rebecca and her hubby have a gorgeous little daughter, Myra, who is five months old. The fantastic news is that Rebecca is now expecting .... yes .... triplets! Just think of all the quilts Gail is going to have to make!
Congratulations Rebecca!
(Off to find bricks for the workroom tomorrow!)


Joy said...

Liz I absolutely LOVE that method of applique, thank you so much for sharing it :o).
Congrats to Rebecca, how wonderful for them :o)!!!

Anonymous said...

After seeing most of the lovely "fishy" quilts yesterday at Morrisons I wish I hadn't been away but will try and get to the next one, but Sue did say she will make it harder!!!!