Friday, February 5, 2010

Garden Song

I love Nancy Halvorsen fabrics - here are some from her new "Garden Song" range - just gorgeous! I'm working on a little stitchery, but how I will finish it off, I don't know yet!
Another design that is still in the Dreamtime, is an exclusive for Grandmothers Garden, a shop in New Zealand. I call it "Dreamtime", because that's when I do my best "thinking up new ideas" - in bed at night when I can't sleep! Beats counting sheep!
I was thrilled to have a link sent to me by Nessie - here it is:
Jeanette has made a couple of my patterns and they look fantastic! Bunny Trail and Christmas Treasures Dilly Bag.
By the way, Nessie's blog is:
Another great blog to read is by my friend Sue - she has some really good sewing tips and ideas, with lots of photos (she loves her camera), and her work is amazing. She has a wonderful imagination - tiny piece of fabric can inspire a beautiful work of art. She is fairly new to blogging, take the time to have a look at:

Next time I'll show you some photos of my ladder!

P.S. Sue's "tails" of woe about her cats Harvey and Norman are hysterical.

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vivi said...

hi liz
these fabrics are nice, also your blog is!
hugs from argentina