Sunday, February 14, 2010

Backyard Blitz

I spend a few hours on Fridays working at The Patchwork Tea House, which I love, but we'll talk about that at a later date. However, last Friday, little did I know that while I was out, mass destruction was happening!
This is what greeted me when I got home, with the noise of chainsaws and manic laughter echoing around the hills!
David and Mark were having a lovely time - I think I've already asked the question - what is it about men and demolition!!?? Ask a man to build something and he "ums and ahs". Ask him to pull it down and he's finished before you've completed the sentence (from the horses mouth!).
Saturday was the day we were meant to begin, but the boys decided to start early - I think they were looking forward to the trip to the tip early Saturday morning! Once again, what is it about men and rubbish tips?

Oh dear! But tell me it will be worth it.
Looking very bare!
A well-earned beer (or several) on Saturday evening. I think he has forgotten that there's more to do on Sunday!
Just me and Himself on Sunday - not much more to do - just remove the rest of the paving and take down the pergola. I'm vertically challenged, so we'll have to enlist the assistance of No. 1 Son.
Monday morning saw us both stiff and sore, and Himself off to the doctor's because, yes, what could go wrong did ...... a wasps nest. The cunning little blighters had more than one escape route, and when we napalmed them one escaped and stung David on the arm (he was well-covered but it bit him through his clothes) - a very red and swollen forearm - we now call him Popeye! Every time he gets bitten the result is worse - so keep away from wasps!That's all for now ......

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