Friday, February 26, 2010

Gelati Fish and Triplets for Rebecca

I've added a bit more to the "gelati fish" - so named because of the colours! Bubbles and little fish darting through seaweed.
This is how I made the seaweed.
1. Draw the seaweed shape in the paper side of the vliesofix, and cut it out along the drawn line. Iron the vliesofix shape to the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out the seaweed about a quarter of an inch from the vliesofix.
2. Finger press the edge of the fabric over the vliesofix, then carefully iron it. Allow to cool.
3. Peel away the paper.
4. Turn the seaweed right side up, place on an applique mat or baking paper and carefully iron the edges so that the quarter inch overlap adheres to the back of the seaweed. Allow to cool then peel off the mat.
5. You should now have a lovely shaped piece of seaweed that you can fuse to your quilt, then applique by your preferred method. I used a double needle in my trusty Bernina to create a decorative effect.
Now I must give you the news about Rebecca, from Patchwork with Gail B.
Rebecca and her hubby have a gorgeous little daughter, Myra, who is five months old. The fantastic news is that Rebecca is now expecting .... yes .... triplets! Just think of all the quilts Gail is going to have to make!
Congratulations Rebecca!
(Off to find bricks for the workroom tomorrow!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Very Fishy Mystery Quilt

When choosing fabrics for the mystery quilt, Tiramisue said, "Think aquatic." And yes - it's a fish quilt! And I love it! Here it is in the "put it all over the floor" stage, for arranging the pieces. (We spent a lot of time on the floor - needless to say the leg muscles had a bit of a workout and were a trifle stiff the next day!
Here is a very wrinkled photo of the quilt with the border attached. I used the same background fabric.I'm going to applique some seaweed along the bottom edge, and some little fish over the sashing and border. I'll quilt it with variegated thread in a suitable "watery" colour combination, and machine stitch bubbles (just the thing to hide some dodgy bits!!!!).
Here are some more shots of the girls at "work" (read "play) - it was a great day. The classroom was cool (34 degrees C. outside!), light and airy, and we each had a whole table to work on! You can see the original quilt on the wall - above. Sue hasn't finished it yet, but I'll photograph it for you to see when completed.
See the plate of sweeties on the right hand side of the above photo? Musk sticks, snakes, raspberries, cherry ripes, Freddo Frogs ...... we had to keep moving it around because it was too tempting if you were sitting too close to it!
Much chatting took place - we talked politics, children, weather, illegal drugs (talked, not did!), sport, exercise, diet, food, current affairs, and, of course, sewing and quilting. And last but not least ......... gossip!
Every now and then someone was heard to mutter, "Only five hours to go...." The chatting would cease and there would be a frenzy of activity and the sound of multiple sewing machine motors!
That's Sue ("Tiramisue") in the middle of the above photo.
I took my trusty Bernina - it is a very good little straight sewer. It copes with all thicknesses and multiple layers and is the one I use all the time. It is quite a few years old and belonged to my aunt who was a seamstress. There it is in the photo below, accompanied by my coffee mug! It was dwarfed by some of the sewing machines there - I was quite taken with the versality of some of those machines - hmmmmmm ........ do I need to look at a new one!!??
There was a never-ending supply of food: choc-chip biscuits, lollies, Freddo Frogs, fruit, cherry ripes, assorted sandwiches, chocolate mousse cheesecake, strawberry mousse cheesecake, soft drinks, wine, biscuits and cheese, chicken and chips, nuts .......... next time I'll go easy the day before so that I have room for it all!
The nectarines were delicious!
I was told that the wine was very nice .......
Some of the nearly finished quilt tops. Just add borders! Don't they look stunning! Once again, it goes to show what a difference the individual colour choices make to the completed quilt.The girls were playing "Foo was here"!!!I've already committed myself to the next Mystery Quilt day - it was lovely to sit and sew (and gossip) without having to think - just having someone else tell me what to do was a luxury!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Big Cotton Reel

What an appropriate surprise for a sewing fanatic! A friend gave me a giant cotton reel, at least that's what I call it! Himself has visions of a lazy afternoon in the garden, a comfy chair and a frosty glass of something suitably thirst quenching at his elbow.
I, on the other hand, have visions of a quiet afternoon in the garden, in my comfy chair, with a cup of coffee and something delicious like scones, jam and cream, and my sewing gear near at hand!
Can't talk for long - off to the Mystery Quilt Day - here is my final selection of material, all cut ready to go.
Can't wait to see what it's going to be!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girls' Day Out

I'm having a "girlie" day out on Saturday - going to a mystery quilt day at our local community house. It will be run by my quilting buddy Sue, or "Tiramisue" as she is known - I wonder why? Has it anything to do with chocolate? Or coffee?
It's a marathon affair, from 10am until 10pm, lunch and dinner included.
We have been given a list of fabrics to bring with us, also a recommendation as to what type: tone-on-tone, batiks, marbles, etc. Colours are up to us.
I have chosen some bright fossil ferns - here they are on the line after their brief encounter with the washing machine.
Can't wait to see what they turn into!

I still have to get something for the sashing, I think I need more green in it. Or maybe yellow.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Backyard Blitz

I spend a few hours on Fridays working at The Patchwork Tea House, which I love, but we'll talk about that at a later date. However, last Friday, little did I know that while I was out, mass destruction was happening!
This is what greeted me when I got home, with the noise of chainsaws and manic laughter echoing around the hills!
David and Mark were having a lovely time - I think I've already asked the question - what is it about men and demolition!!?? Ask a man to build something and he "ums and ahs". Ask him to pull it down and he's finished before you've completed the sentence (from the horses mouth!).
Saturday was the day we were meant to begin, but the boys decided to start early - I think they were looking forward to the trip to the tip early Saturday morning! Once again, what is it about men and rubbish tips?

Oh dear! But tell me it will be worth it.
Looking very bare!
A well-earned beer (or several) on Saturday evening. I think he has forgotten that there's more to do on Sunday!
Just me and Himself on Sunday - not much more to do - just remove the rest of the paving and take down the pergola. I'm vertically challenged, so we'll have to enlist the assistance of No. 1 Son.
Monday morning saw us both stiff and sore, and Himself off to the doctor's because, yes, what could go wrong did ...... a wasps nest. The cunning little blighters had more than one escape route, and when we napalmed them one escaped and stung David on the arm (he was well-covered but it bit him through his clothes) - a very red and swollen forearm - we now call him Popeye! Every time he gets bitten the result is worse - so keep away from wasps!That's all for now ......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Desk, Ladder and Demolition Begins

It has begun! If you know what it's like to renovate or extend, you'll know what we're in for! But I don't care because the end result will be worth it! David began today - destroyed the door step - what is it about men and their lust for destruction!? He went at it hammer and tongs! The window ledge is also going - that will be an interesting spectacle to observe!
Earlier this morning, he attached the handles and locks to my desk drawers - it has come up beautifully - it is still in the shed surrounded by junk, but I'll post a photo when it is "in situ" in the workroom where you will be able to see it in all it's glory! I had to buy new handles but I bought the same as the original handles to keep that look.
When sanding it down, I found this little stamp - it is an old Public Works Department piece of furniture. Those of you who are my age will remember the P.W.D. - they were responsible for making all the furniture for government departments, and, of course, the Victorian Education Department was one of those.The ladder is another passion of mine - love them! I have seven or eight assorted ladders around the house, some with teddies sitting on them, and one hanging in the kitchen used as a utensil rack. I have just finished stripping and staining the ladder in the photo - it is 4.20 metres long and will eventually hang over my sewing workbench.
Must be coffee time, if I can drag Himself away from his wreckage! (I've made blueberry muffins, so I don't think it will be too difficult!)
P.S. Window ledge gone! The muffins gave him a boost! Thought he'd better not remove any more of the timbers because they appear to be supporting the window!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Garden Song

I love Nancy Halvorsen fabrics - here are some from her new "Garden Song" range - just gorgeous! I'm working on a little stitchery, but how I will finish it off, I don't know yet!
Another design that is still in the Dreamtime, is an exclusive for Grandmothers Garden, a shop in New Zealand. I call it "Dreamtime", because that's when I do my best "thinking up new ideas" - in bed at night when I can't sleep! Beats counting sheep!
I was thrilled to have a link sent to me by Nessie - here it is:
Jeanette has made a couple of my patterns and they look fantastic! Bunny Trail and Christmas Treasures Dilly Bag.
By the way, Nessie's blog is:
Another great blog to read is by my friend Sue - she has some really good sewing tips and ideas, with lots of photos (she loves her camera), and her work is amazing. She has a wonderful imagination - tiny piece of fabric can inspire a beautiful work of art. She is fairly new to blogging, take the time to have a look at:

Next time I'll show you some photos of my ladder!

P.S. Sue's "tails" of woe about her cats Harvey and Norman are hysterical.