Sunday, January 31, 2010


At last! No more (or soon to be no more) tripping over boxes of patterns, bruising my shins from squeezing through awkward spaces, chasing dust bunnies across the floor - now where did they come from? Oh, yes - from under the furniture, boxes, sewing machines and other assorted paraphernalia that can't be moved when I vacuum (I use the term loosely) and dust (also a term used loosely)!
My workroom is about to happen! No more playing sardines when the family visits and now Sean will have room to play.
I will post progress photos - the two above are taken from the back yard - it's a shame that we have to take out all the bushes, but we have plans to re-plant!
The one below is from the family room which is going to be enlarged, with the workroom further out where the garden is.
I'll take photos from the same position as the building develops - did I mention that I'm excited?!?!

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Joy said...

Oooh, I'm glowing GREEN with envy Liz!!! How very exciting for you, I'm going to love watching the progress on your fabulous new creative haven :o)!!