Friday, January 1, 2010

Boxing Day Project

My old school desk.
This is how I spent Boxing Day - my old school desk is having a facelift! This desk has moved from classroom to classroom with me. It has seen lessons planned, work corrected, attendance rolls marked, parent-teacher interviews conducted, report writing, lunch eaten from it, naughty children disciplined, upset children comforted, good children rewarded. It has even had children hiding under it!
It has scratch marks from stanley knives. It has staples and drawing pins embedded in it, and ink stains in one of the drawers. Many a colleague gazed upon it with envy (they all had smaller modern laminate desks - no soul to them)!
I wouldn't part with it.
Now that our plans for a workroom are getting closer I have started stripping away the 1970's timber finish that was all the rage. Some may remember it? The undercoat first, then the top "woodgrain" colour was painted on, wiped with a rag so that the undercoat showed through to look like real timber (doesn't look like it now - didn't look like it then - what were we thinking??!!??), finished with a coat of estapol. Many a lovely piece of furniture was ruined this way.
Masking tape around the real "leatherette" (read "vinyl") writing pad , to protect it.
Ink stains in one of the drawers - I'll leave them there - they are part of the desk!Tomorrow I am going to give it a final varnish - handles to go back on and I'm going to find a locksmith who can supply a key for the drawer locks. The only thing missing - the two boards that slide in and out from the space at the top of the drawers. I used an old desk lid at school - it was very handy having that extra surface. I wonder if Himself can make something for me?
Bye for now,
PS News of a new project coming soon!

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Wendy said...

How lucky are you, Liz - it is going to look wonderful!