Saturday, December 26, 2009

Satin Stitch

I love satin stitch! To make the bears' noses I cut out and vliesofix a nose shape, iron it in place and satin stitch over the entire nose. It gives a lovely look. And ironing usually evens up the stitching!
Satin stitch is also good for small applique pieces that are a feature, such as the cross on the lych gate in my pattern "Green Farm Village".
Another helpful hint (I hope!) - if you are daunted by small applique pieces, simply adjust your stitch size to suit the piece. The smaller the piece, the smaller the stitches. If you look at the photo of the teddy above, you will also see that the stitch size varies around the face, getting smaller over the snout and around the ear.

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Lotusbl├╝te said...

Dear Liz, thanks for your helpfull direction - I wish you a happy new year and good luck of all days -Kind regards Gaby:O)