Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to make Applique Easier

Easy steps to help with applique when combined with embroidery.
1. With a pencil, trace the pattern pieces onto the paper side of the vliesofix (fusible webbing).
2. Roughly cut out the pieces, about 1/4" outside the drawn line.
3. Place these vliesofix pattern pieces rough side down (glue side), onto the back of your chosen fabrics.
4. Using a hot, dry iron, fuse the vliesofix to the back of the material.
5. Carefully cut out each piece.
6. Place an applique mat, or a piece of bakers paper, over the diagram. You will be able to see the design through the mat. Arrange the pieces on this and when you are happy with the arrangement, iron the pieces directly onto the applique mat. If there are several small, tricky pieces, try touching them with the tip of the iron so that other pieces can be slotted under or around them without the whole design descending into an untidy heap! You will also be able to work out which pieces can be ironed onto the mat first, before adding other parts. For instance, for the teddy below, I would iron his right foot and right arm (left side facing him) down first as these are tucked under his body and overalls.
7. When cool, peel off the mat.
8. At this stage, I like to trace any details onto the design. For instance, the bear's eyes and mouth, and any creases in their clothes, etc. Place the teddy (or whatever) on the pattern diagram, place over a light box and use a fine tipped brown Zig Millennium marker (acid free and permanent, it will not stain or bleed into your fabric).
9. Place the pattern diagram sheet on your ironing board, the applique background fabric over this, and then position the applique on top. If the background fabric is a pale colour, you should be able to see the drawing through it, to assist with placement. Iron in place.
10. To trace the embroidery designs around the applique, place the pattern diagram on a light box, and the applique over this, then trace the designs.11. Iron a piece of embroidery stabilizer on the back, and begin your hand stitching! Preferably in front of the telly with a good movie, or with a group of stitching friends!
Hope this helps!
Happy Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Thank for this explanations
I love Teddy bears.
I live in France

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Liz,
This is a great idea...any hints to make life easier are great. Your designs are wonderful.