Thursday, December 3, 2009

Early Morning Wake Up Call

Six o'clock this morning - woke up to the roar of gas burners - yes - hot air balloons over the house! We get quite a few when the weather conditions are right - there are spectacular views over the Yarra Valley, and they usually go to one of the wineries for breakfast after the flight.
Took this photo, went inside to jump back into bed for a while (after years of getting up really, really early, my body clock feels that seven o'clock is a respectable "get-up" time!, and David announced "There's more!" So - out of bed, grab camera, go outside, more photos!
I was telling you about the cockatoos in my last blog - here is the mess the cockies have left - when the plums start to rot and ferment it smells like a brewery under the tree!
Here are some of them having a fine feast!The little fellow with the branch in his beak thought he was so lucky, until some of the others wanted a bit and began to chase him!
Next time I will tell you all about the new Quilt Aid charity quilt - I have some gorgeous fabrics to show!

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