Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quilt In

A day not to be missed! The Quilt In at Warburton Golf Club, a beautiful venue with a spectacular outlook over the gardens and course. The day went something like this.
A lovely drive (and gossip) with my friend Bron.
Arrive at Warbie, greet friends.
See Nikki (from Nikki Tervo Designs) and have chin-wag.
Check in "show and tell" (my new quilt, but more about that later!)
Find table and have cuppa and more gossip.
Lucky door prize draw - lots of prizes but no luck for us!
More gossip. And a bit of stitching.
First part of "Show and Tell" - lots of very talented ladies bought their achievements along for this session. And there were some lovely stories behind the making of many of the quilts!
More gossip. And a bit more stitching.
Nikki "strutted her stuff" - gave a wonderful and inspiring talk - she has had a few "ups and downs" over the last couple of years but appears to have emerged a stronger person despite everything. AND is looking gorgeous!!!
More gossip. And a bit more stitching. Although Sally, at our table, firmly put down her work and refused to do any more - just wanted to chat! But that's alright!
Time to look at a display Nikki's designs, and beautiful buttons.
More gossip. And a bit more stitching.
Next part of "Show and Tell".
More lucky door prizes, and again no luck for us!
More gossip. And a bit more stitching.
Final part of "Show and Tell".
Afternoon tea supplied by the Golf Club ladies - delicious!!!!!!
....... and so on .......
All in all, a day to remember. Thanks to Marilyn from The Patchwork Tea House who is the little power pack behind this annual event.
Here I am with Marilyn, Nikki and Annemarie.
Me, Nikki and Bron.
More photos to come.
PS As I said, more about my new quilt next time ......... be patient!

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