Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Designs

New designs! Three of them! Now you'll be busy deciding which one to do first! Above is my new 10 month BOM, Green Farm Village. It was inspired by the Welsh countryside where my Mum grew up. The house was called "The Lodge", the road was Green Farm Lane, and the little old parish church (circa 1236), St. Georges, was where Mum and Dad were married just after the second World War. It's made with Lecien's Antique Rose fabrics. The quilt, not the church!
This one (above) is Teddy Bears A-Plenty, with a little poem composed by Himself. He's very good at making up little rhyming thingies! There are ten teddy designs, each one made twice in different colours.
Next is Woolly Bears, a cute cuddly rug for snuggling. Made with Maywood Studio "Woollies" flannels.
All details are on my website. Pleeeese order lots because I desperately need a workroom!!!!!!!!! My creative genius is being stifled because of lack of space!!!! (My friend Bron is going to give me "the look" for that comment. Matter of fact, so is Sue! And Julie. And the other Julie. And Helen. And Jill. And Lynn. And the other, other Julie.)

I've had a busy but wonderful day, today! Went to Warburton Golf Club (again!) to listen to McKenna Ryan talk about her life, her quilts, and her business "Pine Needles". What an inspiring lady! And a lovely person as well! I'll post some photos next time.
Coffee and chocolate calling because I'm worth it!!!! (More "looks" coming!)

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Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Your new designs look fabulous.

Ummm, I was just wond'ring if you could put a link to your website from your blog (sucking up bad here LOL) It would really be handy. though.