Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ming and a very wet galah

Let me introduce you to my Mum's old panda, Ming. Ming was born in 1923 or 4, so he's a wise, well-travelled and experienced little fellow! His overalls were knitted in the 1950's, and there's no way he'll be seen without them because he has been much loved, and there is very little fur left to keep him warm!
Speaking of keeping warm, I managed to sneak a snap of a very wet galah during the lovely, lovely rain we had last week! He had his mate with him, but something spooked them before I could take any more photos. A flurry of wet wings and they were gone!
Bye for now!
P.S. The cockies are wreaking havoc in the back yard - stripping the plum trees of all the fruit! They eat the stones and drop the rest, leaving bits of plum all over the grass! They are comical to watch, hanging upside down from branches that barely hold their weight, occasionally losing their grip and then there is a mad flutter of feathers. The two plum trees have been my jam-making source - but for the last three years the cockies have won and we haven't been able to save any fruit!

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