Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McKenna Ryan

A display of McKenna's beautiful work at Warburton Golf Club.
Tuesday at the Golf Club - here is McKenna talking to a room full of extremely interested ladies! She had everyone enthralled with her talk, accompanied by a slide show and a display of her quilts.
Annemarie and I were perched on stepladders as the quilts were passed to us one by one - neither of us is very tall - so the ladders were necessary!!! Of course, there was a slight problem. Annemarie and I couldn't see the front of the quilts! So what did we do? Turn them around, naturally! So we could examine the front, and the audience were treated to a view of the back, one of which had little penguins all over it!

Here are some more of her stunning quilts.
Some of the ladies were treated to a demonstration of her applique techniques. All in all, a wonderful day!
Thank you so much, McKenna!

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