Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jo Jo

Our stand at Woodend - it's always an eye-catching display - we can put the quilts quite high up on the wall and visitors are treated to a great view as they enter the hall!
More pics of the show. You can see us at the end of the hall.
These were taken from the stage.

More pics of Woodend - the day was a bit cold and wet, but we had a heater vent under our table!
This photo shows Kerri presenting prizes to winners of various categories of the teddy bear competition. Kerri and her band of helpers deserve a huge "Warm Fuzzy" for their hard work in the production of the show. It has been going for four years now, and just gets better and better!
And Free the Bears, Animals Asia and World Wildlife Fund all benefit from the show!
Meet Jo Jo, my little Charlie Bear, who adopted me at the show. As I write this she's sitting on the bookshelf threatening to jump off.
News on a couple of new designs soon!

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Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Jo Jo is very are lucky is decided to adopt you.