Saturday, November 21, 2009

Green Farm Village

This is my new Block of the Month which was inspired by the Welsh countryside just outside Cardiff where my Mum grew up. She lived, as a child, in a house called “The Lodge”, which was situated next to a cemetery where my Grandpa was employed. The road leading to the house was Green Farm Lane, which David and I have visited recently. Development has taken place, with modern homes built in Green Farm Lane, although the original home is still there.
Mum and Dad were married in the parish church of St. Georges, a beautiful little old building consecrated around 1236. The church and surrounding graveyard are still in a “country-ish” area. We were excited to find that photos we took did not differ much to wedding photos taken in 1946!
Fabrics in the photograph are from the Lecien "Antique Rose" range. The quilt is available as a Block of the Month program from participating patchwork & quilting shops. The Patchwork Tea House is currently taking orders (PO box 530, Warburton, Victoria 3799.
Ph: 03 59662400)
Quilt size: 1.52m X 1.78m (not 1.52m X 178m as I put in a newsletter!!! Whoops!!!)
I have become quite fond of a product called Glad Press N' Seal. It is perfect for tracing designs for quilting on your domestic machine. Draw or trace the design on the "non-sticky" side, then press with your hands (not the iron) onto the fabric. Then you can either machine or hand-quilt to your heart's content. It won't shift! When completed, simply tear away the Press N' Seal, making sure it is completely removed before ironing.
It is also great for hand embroidery. It is available in some Coles and IGA supermarkets, and also Costco if there is one near you.
Bye for now!

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