Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ming and a very wet galah

Let me introduce you to my Mum's old panda, Ming. Ming was born in 1923 or 4, so he's a wise, well-travelled and experienced little fellow! His overalls were knitted in the 1950's, and there's no way he'll be seen without them because he has been much loved, and there is very little fur left to keep him warm!
Speaking of keeping warm, I managed to sneak a snap of a very wet galah during the lovely, lovely rain we had last week! He had his mate with him, but something spooked them before I could take any more photos. A flurry of wet wings and they were gone!
Bye for now!
P.S. The cockies are wreaking havoc in the back yard - stripping the plum trees of all the fruit! They eat the stones and drop the rest, leaving bits of plum all over the grass! They are comical to watch, hanging upside down from branches that barely hold their weight, occasionally losing their grip and then there is a mad flutter of feathers. The two plum trees have been my jam-making source - but for the last three years the cockies have won and we haven't been able to save any fruit!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Green Farm Village

This is my new Block of the Month which was inspired by the Welsh countryside just outside Cardiff where my Mum grew up. She lived, as a child, in a house called “The Lodge”, which was situated next to a cemetery where my Grandpa was employed. The road leading to the house was Green Farm Lane, which David and I have visited recently. Development has taken place, with modern homes built in Green Farm Lane, although the original home is still there.
Mum and Dad were married in the parish church of St. Georges, a beautiful little old building consecrated around 1236. The church and surrounding graveyard are still in a “country-ish” area. We were excited to find that photos we took did not differ much to wedding photos taken in 1946!
Fabrics in the photograph are from the Lecien "Antique Rose" range. The quilt is available as a Block of the Month program from participating patchwork & quilting shops. The Patchwork Tea House is currently taking orders (PO box 530, Warburton, Victoria 3799.
Ph: 03 59662400)
Quilt size: 1.52m X 1.78m (not 1.52m X 178m as I put in a newsletter!!! Whoops!!!)
I have become quite fond of a product called Glad Press N' Seal. It is perfect for tracing designs for quilting on your domestic machine. Draw or trace the design on the "non-sticky" side, then press with your hands (not the iron) onto the fabric. Then you can either machine or hand-quilt to your heart's content. It won't shift! When completed, simply tear away the Press N' Seal, making sure it is completely removed before ironing.
It is also great for hand embroidery. It is available in some Coles and IGA supermarkets, and also Costco if there is one near you.
Bye for now!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Magic Lights

I found a couple of old photos that I thought you might like! This is the cottage My grandparents lived in when they moved here from Wales just after the second World War. It took a lot of TLC to get it half decent! That's my Grandma you can just see on the verandah. And check out the clothesline on the right! Below is an hilarious photo of Grandpa and my Dad!
Back to the AQM at Jeff's Shed. I don't know who was in charge of lighting, but the spotlights provided for each booth were woeful. Very difficult to adjust, and did nothing to enhance the displays!
However, it was a very different story in the "Ladies". The lights in there were so flattering! Every woman who went in there emerged feeling really good about themselves! I'd like one of those magic lights floating over my head all the time!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McKenna Ryan

A display of McKenna's beautiful work at Warburton Golf Club.
Tuesday at the Golf Club - here is McKenna talking to a room full of extremely interested ladies! She had everyone enthralled with her talk, accompanied by a slide show and a display of her quilts.
Annemarie and I were perched on stepladders as the quilts were passed to us one by one - neither of us is very tall - so the ladders were necessary!!! Of course, there was a slight problem. Annemarie and I couldn't see the front of the quilts! So what did we do? Turn them around, naturally! So we could examine the front, and the audience were treated to a view of the back, one of which had little penguins all over it!

Here are some more of her stunning quilts.
Some of the ladies were treated to a demonstration of her applique techniques. All in all, a wonderful day!
Thank you so much, McKenna!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Designs

New designs! Three of them! Now you'll be busy deciding which one to do first! Above is my new 10 month BOM, Green Farm Village. It was inspired by the Welsh countryside where my Mum grew up. The house was called "The Lodge", the road was Green Farm Lane, and the little old parish church (circa 1236), St. Georges, was where Mum and Dad were married just after the second World War. It's made with Lecien's Antique Rose fabrics. The quilt, not the church!
This one (above) is Teddy Bears A-Plenty, with a little poem composed by Himself. He's very good at making up little rhyming thingies! There are ten teddy designs, each one made twice in different colours.
Next is Woolly Bears, a cute cuddly rug for snuggling. Made with Maywood Studio "Woollies" flannels.
All details are on my website. Pleeeese order lots because I desperately need a workroom!!!!!!!!! My creative genius is being stifled because of lack of space!!!! (My friend Bron is going to give me "the look" for that comment. Matter of fact, so is Sue! And Julie. And the other Julie. And Helen. And Jill. And Lynn. And the other, other Julie.)

I've had a busy but wonderful day, today! Went to Warburton Golf Club (again!) to listen to McKenna Ryan talk about her life, her quilts, and her business "Pine Needles". What an inspiring lady! And a lovely person as well! I'll post some photos next time.
Coffee and chocolate calling because I'm worth it!!!! (More "looks" coming!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Quilt-In and the AQM

Here's Nikki "talking under wet concrete" as she said, and does so well! In the nicest possible way! She had the girls in stitches!
Marilyn wandered around chatting to everyone.
Some photos of Nikki's display, and of the crowd who attended!

Lovely views (although not too clear in the photos) into the gardens and the greens.
Nikki and I being very silly with the camera!
On the weekend we attended the AQM - a trade only show for patchwork and quilting - this was our stand. An extremely busy couple of days! News of the new designs coming soon!
We're soooooo tired!!!!!!
Nighty night!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quilt In

A day not to be missed! The Quilt In at Warburton Golf Club, a beautiful venue with a spectacular outlook over the gardens and course. The day went something like this.
A lovely drive (and gossip) with my friend Bron.
Arrive at Warbie, greet friends.
See Nikki (from Nikki Tervo Designs) and have chin-wag.
Check in "show and tell" (my new quilt, but more about that later!)
Find table and have cuppa and more gossip.
Lucky door prize draw - lots of prizes but no luck for us!
More gossip. And a bit of stitching.
First part of "Show and Tell" - lots of very talented ladies bought their achievements along for this session. And there were some lovely stories behind the making of many of the quilts!
More gossip. And a bit more stitching.
Nikki "strutted her stuff" - gave a wonderful and inspiring talk - she has had a few "ups and downs" over the last couple of years but appears to have emerged a stronger person despite everything. AND is looking gorgeous!!!
More gossip. And a bit more stitching. Although Sally, at our table, firmly put down her work and refused to do any more - just wanted to chat! But that's alright!
Time to look at a display Nikki's designs, and beautiful buttons.
More gossip. And a bit more stitching.
Next part of "Show and Tell".
More lucky door prizes, and again no luck for us!
More gossip. And a bit more stitching.
Final part of "Show and Tell".
Afternoon tea supplied by the Golf Club ladies - delicious!!!!!!
....... and so on .......
All in all, a day to remember. Thanks to Marilyn from The Patchwork Tea House who is the little power pack behind this annual event.
Here I am with Marilyn, Nikki and Annemarie.
Me, Nikki and Bron.
More photos to come.
PS As I said, more about my new quilt next time ......... be patient!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My friend Sue has done it! She has finally created a blog - well, it's in the early stages yet, but you can be sure that there will be lots of "ooohs" and aaahs" when you see what she is capable of!
Keep an eye on TiramiSue - you won't be disappointed! (The pressure is now on, Sue!)
Here's my latest design - it will be on the website any day now. It's called "Teddy Bears A-Plenty". David is the poet. I had ten teddies, each made twice and here's what he came up with for the stitchery inner border.
"Teddy bears, teddy bears,
Teddy bears a-plenty.
If you count them carefully,
You'll see that there are twenty!"
I have also nearly finished "Woolly Bears", made with lovely soft Maywood Studio flannels. A really cute snuggle rug for kids. Here's a preview, all set out on the floor, ready to sew together. Simple construction, but effective! I'm nearly ready to add wadding and backing.
AQM next week - that 's the Australian Quilt Market - a trade show. I'm hoping to have Green Farm Village completed by then - it's a ten month block of the month. I'll post photos soon!
See you (and Julie & Julie) tomorrow morning Sue, for coffee and apple slice this time! No chocolate, but lots of cream!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jo Jo

Our stand at Woodend - it's always an eye-catching display - we can put the quilts quite high up on the wall and visitors are treated to a great view as they enter the hall!
More pics of the show. You can see us at the end of the hall.
These were taken from the stage.

More pics of Woodend - the day was a bit cold and wet, but we had a heater vent under our table!
This photo shows Kerri presenting prizes to winners of various categories of the teddy bear competition. Kerri and her band of helpers deserve a huge "Warm Fuzzy" for their hard work in the production of the show. It has been going for four years now, and just gets better and better!
And Free the Bears, Animals Asia and World Wildlife Fund all benefit from the show!
Meet Jo Jo, my little Charlie Bear, who adopted me at the show. As I write this she's sitting on the bookshelf threatening to jump off.
News on a couple of new designs soon!

Where we stayed at Woodend

These were taken from Woodbury cottage, where we stayed at Woodend. We have already booked for next year - we love it there! The ducks were looking for crusts - they make a bee-line for the verandah when anyone is around!

Rascally rabbits everywhere! And lots of littlies scampering after mum!

Early morning frost ........ brrrrrrr!
What a lovely weekend!