Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tea Party

Yes, here we are at "Chookies"! Chookies is a friendship group that meets each month at The Patchwork Tea House at Warburton. It's a laugh a minute! Here I am with Bron (left) and Judy - two lovely friends of mine who are both working on Teddlywinks patterns. Bron is busy making "Sew Busy Bears" (can't wait to see it finished!), and Judy is proudly showing off her "Quilting Friends" bag - and rightly so! The bag was a project featured in the Spring issue of Australian Creating Country Threads and I am so thrilled that the girls have made it!
This one was made by Nessie, but she wouldn't be photographed! Both bags are in totally different colours to the one I made - and don't they look beautiful.
The photo below is of Teddy Bear Tea Party - made by Gurli. David and I met Gurli when we visited The Blanket Box a few weeks ago - the quilt was not quite completed, but I received an email from Gurli today with the photo - I love the green sashing, it compliments the teacup border beautifully.
Thanks girls, for sharing your achievements with us!
News and photos from the Woodend Teddy Bear Show, and Pam's quilt, coming soon!

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