Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Blanket Box

I have a "following" out there!!!!!! I met some ladies on Saturday who collect my patterns! Let me explain.
I spent the day at The Blanket Box, (shop 5/152 Bellarine Highway, Newcomb near Geelong). Zoe, the lovely lady who is the driving force behind this beautiful patchwork shop, asked me if I'd like to put on a display for a group of ladies who were doing the bus tour thingy.
So the day was spent like this.
Up at 5.45am .......... hmmmm ...... not used to this!
Left home at 7.15am ....... not used to this either!
Did the cross-country trip to the ring road, then picked up Princes Highway to Geelong ..... not used to this either!
Arrived at the shop just after 9.00am.
Set up the display in a fantastic room at the back of the shop where Zoe's classes take place. David came with me which was a blessing - he helped to hang the quilts.
Then cuppa time, just before the first of Zoe's regulars arrived.
From then on it was a steady stream of people until a pause at midday when we grabbed a bite to eat - thank goodness for Subway across the road!
Here's a photo of, from left to right, Betty, Gurli (both regular customers), Zoe and me. Taken by Himself, he was delighted that he hadn't cut off our heads!
Here are a couple of shots of the shop. I just adore Zoe's lovely timber counter! She had a great range of fabrics, and I was especially excited to see a collection of Maywood Studio's Woolies Flannels there. I have a design in mind for those.

Then the bus arrived, and 38 excited ladies descended upon us - they had a ball! I had some great feedback about our patterns, and some of them even admitted that they were avid collectors of Teddlywinks patterns! (Watch out, ABC TV's "Collectors" show!!!)
Thank you Zoe for inviting me for the day - we are hoping to do it again sometime.
Thank you to all the lovely friendly ladies who made the day so much fun.
I have come home tired, but mentally refreshed and eager to begin designing more delights to tempt you!
P.S. Gurli - remember to email me a photo of your quilt so I can post it on my blog - I'm sure everyone will love to see it!
P.P.S. Ladies - if you can, send me photos of any of my designs that you make up - I'd love to see them, and also let me know if I can put them on my blog for everyone to enjoy!

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