Friday, August 14, 2009

Soap Box

Do you remember some time ago I lamented at the lack of basic jeans? Not being able to find any that fit? Today I'm having another grumble.
Whatever happened to good old-fashioned coffee scrolls?
This morning, being a mild but windy day (plays havoc with my already "bird's nesty" hair!), we decided to take a walk up the street, to our little township, to post the mail, get a few groceries, and find something to have for morning tea. Of course, we wanted coffee scrolls, and of course, we should have known that neither of the two bakeries sell them. In fact, I'm still looking for a bakery that's not too far away that does sell old-fashioned coffee scrolls.
However, we thought maybe a miracle had happened, but no.
Came home with the following.
The "item" to the left had some sort of syrup poured over it before icing which made it soggy. It also had what appeared to be putty spread on the top, which is what it proved to be when we tasted it. There was evidence of jam in the scroll, or what we thought may have been jam. It could have been an ingredient from something else that was being baked at the time.
The "item" to the right was once again soggy with syrup, and had chocolate icing and chocolate through the dough. Extremely rich. Extremely "doughy and stodgy".
In our search for the perfect coffee scroll (our mission in life, I think, along with finding clothes in general that fit and don't fall apart after the first wear, milk bottles that don't dribble, labels that peel off without leaving a sticky residue, plastic wrap around cd's that peels off easily, new electrical appliances that actually work ...... don't get me started!) we have come across the following - jam, pink icing, apple, chocolate, syrup, yellow icing, no icing, custard ......
I thought a coffee scroll was a bun with a spice such as cinnamon in it, a few sultanas and coffee icing on top? Simple!!! Or so we thought!!!
Must be the "Grumpy Old Woman" in me!!!
P.S. We're both full now!
P.P.S. Something else that I just adore are almond croissants - with the gooey custard in the middle - yum!!!

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Bearly Sane said...

That gave me a great giggle ... but I must admit you are right, it is very difficult to find a good ol' fashioned coffee scroll!