Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sean's First Birthday

We had a lovely day today - it was Sean's first birthday - hasn't that year flown by! Family and friends, and littlies from his Mum's group - they all had babies around the same time. And what a happy little group of children they are! I'll post some photos soon.
Meanwhile, here's a photo of a little ball I made, with a bell inside it. I issued my friend Bron with a challenge. We won a small pack of 5" squares each recently, and we had to make something with them within the month. (We actually took a bit longer, but eventually completed our projects within a reasonable time!)
Bron's effort was sensational! She had a quilt top she started about 50 years ago, when she was learning to sew. It is made of all sorts of bits and pieces - from her school uniform, dresses, curtains, her Dad's shirt, pyjamas ........ etc. etc!!!! She used the squares she won, plus more that she bought, to bind the quilt. It is now draped over her couch - it looks fantastic! And what a talking point!! Next time I'm at her place I'll take a photo.
Talk soon,


Joshua said...

You have a great and well put together site. Congrats on your grandsons Birthday. I love the autumn column it's perfect knowing that Fall is right around the corner. And your chocolate section has officially made me hungry. I pray your workroom works out. Stay blessed. - Joshua

EJ180 said...

Wow, that is some ball you've made. Looks like a good pattern to use for my grandson.