Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Love Creating

I love my work (but it really isn't work - it's such fun!).
Today I received a parcel (don't you love getting unexpected parcels in the mail!?) from Tim at Lloyd Curzon Textiles (link to the left) - they are the company that distribute Maywood Studio fabrics which I find to be of such a beautiful quality and wonderful to work with.
In the package I found pieces from the "Maid of Honor" range - lovely florals in tiny prints, tone-on-tones, stripes, checks, spots ......... colours that are screaming teddies ........... here are some photos.I wish you could see and feel the actual materials because the shots don't do them justice. I'm having a lovely "play" with them!So ..... a new design is on the way and I will blog regularly to keep you informed as to how it is progressing. I have in mind something square that could drape over the end of a bed, with the design going all the way around the quilt so that there is no top or bottom - it can be positioned any way.
I'm getting itchy fingers!!!

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Bearly Sane said...

Lovely prints there Liz...look forward to seeing what you make with them.