Friday, August 21, 2009


To all you Chocaholics around the globe! My Friend who is The Champion Chocolate Eater of the World ..... yes ..... you guessed it ..... "TiramiSue", sent me a message as soon as the news hit the air waves! (She's fast, she is, our Sue! Has her finger on the media pulse 24 hours a day!)
The glorious, glorious news that Cadbury have bowed to public pressure and have admitted that they made a mistake by substituting cocoa butter with palm oil.
Here was I, trying to cope with the reduced block size, different shape of the squares, and new packaging ..... plus the reduction of cocoa butter.
Here was I, also thinking, what has happened to good old-fashioned chocolate? (The term "good old-fashioned" seems to be a recurring theme in my blogs lately!)
As you probably know, the plight of the sun bears in Asia is a cause dear to our hearts. Now we are faced with the dire circumstances faced by those gorgeous orangutans whose natural habitat is being obliterated and converted into palm plantations. Palm oil (often just called vegetable oil) is an ingredient in so many products, and not just food.
We need to read all the labels.
I do.
Bye for now,
P.S. Sue - I know you bought a George Foreman steamer to create healthy meals, but it really defeats the purpose when you put dim sims in it!
"Before" recipe & size change - the way I prefer my Dairy Milk!

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