Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quilt and Craft Show

I went to the Quilt & Craft Show at Jeff's Shed last Thursday - with my friend Sue and her Mum, Marj. Although we found the show to be a little uninspiring, we had a lovely, lovely day meandering around the stands and viewing the quilts in the quilt show.
Met up with our friends Pam and Alan who came down to Melbourne on the train from Echuca - managed to find a free table in the food area - that's Sue's luck! She is the type of person who always gets the parking spot closest to the shopping centre door at midday on Christmas Eve - get the picture? It must be the scary look she gives to anyone who remotely looks like they want the same spot! Anyway, we had a good chat over lunch.
Pam was busy wearing out Alan's plastic, and filling up the shopping jeep they brought with them. How nice to have a personal shopping assistant to dutifully follow you around with your purchases in tow! (Pam's excuse for all her goodies was that they came to Melbourne to get all the things she couldn't get in Echuca!)
Met up with Nikki Tervo, Lyn Hyland from L'il Bloke's, Rosemary and Heather from Stitch in Time, Heather from Barossa Quilt & Craft Cottage, Bev & Scott from Craft Cubby, Laura from In Stitches of Williamstown, Gail, Russell & Kay from Patchwork with Gail B, and "hello" to Carole from Maggie Robertson Design who was busy every time I passed by!!
I didn't buy much - but was pleased to get a couple of cutting ruler stands, which I have wanted for some time. Lovely Jarrah ones.
Pam sent me a photo of her completed "Alphabears" quilt - isn't it gorgeous!!! I love the pinks!
She has been busy making quilts for children in hospital, and she works in aged care, so her day out at the show was well-deserved!
I'm off now to put on the kettle - I've done the shopping, washed the towels, and printed 100 "At the Bottom of the Garden" photos at the chemist (a very popular pattern , that one!), so I think I'll quickly clean out the fire and have a coffee! Then I'll be working on "Woolie Bears", a new design.

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Bearly Sane said...

Sounds like you had a great "catch up" day Liz!