Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm having a whinge! Jeans! What has happened to them!?! I used to be able to walk into a Jeans West store and buy my size off the shelf without trying them on. Not any more! Too skinny in the leg, too wide in the leg, waist way down towards the nether regions (with all your underwear on display), too baggy, waist too loose, too tight, far too long, far too short ..............
Whatever happened to plain old classic jeans!?!? I even went to a "ladies" fashion shop - the jeans they had were not what you would call "jeans", they had a classy look with an exorbitant price tag to match! But without the toughness you expect in a plain pair of jeans.
Oh woe is me! (My shape hasn't changed that much, has it?)
Something pretty - autumn leaves on our front deck where I usually take my quilt photos.
Bye for now,

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Joy said...

Liz try Target ... I got some recently and I love them :o).
Joy :o)