Monday, May 11, 2009

Contrary Husband proving to be contrary.

I had a comment from Kim who bought her Mum some of the Elm Creek Quilts books for Mothers' Day, but began reading them herself! Her dilemma was .... does she still give them to her Mum? Let me know what you decided Kim!
I'm sure that I wouldn't mind - it would be good to discuss them together!
More blocks completed. I love the names - Contrary Wife (above) and Old Maid's Puzzle (below). I'm looking forward to reading more of the books to find out what was going on in these women's lives - why the blocks were called by these names!
I'm still working on "Contrary Husband" ....... proving contrary!?

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Kim said...

HI Liz, Just letting you know, I stopped reading and gave the books to Mum. I figured I could borrow it when she has read it, I have sooo... many other things I should be doing anyway!!Like finishing my first quilt design - Little Bunnies...Thanks for the comment, the squares look like they are becoming a far bit more complicated (or should I say contrary!!) Kind regards Kim :0)