Thursday, February 12, 2009


I took these photos of the sky last Sunday - a combination of smoke, cloud, ash and evening sunlight. Also the moon - an orange ball. Strangely and eerily beautiful, but sinister and malevolent. And in the middle - a rainbow!The following photo has been around the world - koalas do not normally drink. They get enough fluid from the eucalypt leaves they eat. They can also be quite aggressive and have extremely sharp claws - they are not always the cute cuddly creatures that they appear to be. However, in disastrous times, man and nature can work in harmony. We consider our fire fighters to be true heroes - and most of them are volunteers who go through intensive training to help protect their environment, property and loved ones. This little koala suffered burns to her paws but the animal aid workers have been looking after her and she is recovering.
Words cannot describe what is happening here at the moment - everyone is contributing in some small way and it never ceases to amaze me how the Aussie spirit comes to the fore in extremely distressing times.Take care,

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